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Metal Roofing for Loveland Residential Homes


Metal roofs are a type of roofing that has been around a while, but is just coming back into style. Many people use a standing seam residential metal roofing system. While they cost more money up front than an asphalt shingle roofing system, they last a lot longer. The asphalt shingle roof generally has to be replaced up to three times in a lifetime, while a metal roof would not need to be replaced at all. That means that a metal roofing system is certainly worth the cost over time.

Metal roofs are energy efficient. You can save a substantial amount of money each year on energy costs (as much as 40 percent). This is because a metal roof reflects heat, keeping your structure cool. You do not need to run your air conditioner as much as a result, so you will save money over time.

Metal roofs are green. At least one fourth of a metal roof is made up of recycled materials. In addition, an asphalt roof does not have to be taken off in order to install a metal roof. You can just build right on top of it, which means that there is less waste that is generated. Finally, when the metal roof is taken off, the entire thing can be recycled.

Metal roofs are stronger. This is particularly important in an area like Loveland Colorado, where the weather can be harsh at times and roofing hail damage is common. Since the metal roof does a better job protecting your home, you are less likely to need repairs on a regular basis. These repairs can really add up over time, so you will save a significant amount of money this way. In addition, you can get more from your home when you sell it if you have a metal roof installed.

Metal roofs are safer. Metal roofs are fire resistant which is very important in Colorado where wildfires are common. In areas like this, people with wood roofs often pay higher insurance premiums so a metal roofing system will save you money as well. And when compared to tile roofs, metal roofs are safer because firefighters are actually trained to not go into buildings with a tile roof because they are most likely to collapse due to their weight.

Metal Roofs for Residential Homes


There are a few options when it comes to a standing seam metal roof offered by Bridan Roofing Loveland. You can get snap-loc, double-lock or exposed fasteners, for example. Many people decide to go with a double lock standing seam roof. It needs virtually no maintenance because it has concealed fasteners. In addition, the roof is basically watertight because of the mechanical seams. All this means that the roof does a great job of keeping the home safe.

We offer several types of metal for our standing seam metal roofing systems:

Kynar500 Painted Metal
Paint Grip

We also offer metal colors by:


Overall, metal roofing is the best alternative to save money. Give Bridan Roofing Loveland a call for your free residential metal roofing project quote today!