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Quality Residential Tile Roofing For Your Loveland Colorado Home


Any roof that gets installed in the world today will vary depending upon the style and design ideas of the homeowner. This is why there is such a need for high quality tiling choices and qualified roofing contractors to install the tile roofing system. Bridan Roofing offers a variety of roof tiles and residential tile roofing systems to meet every expectation.

This is a vision that each homeowner looks to, and what Bridan Roofing Loveland is driven to tackle, selecting from the best in the two most common forms of residential tile roofing systems, including Clay Tile and Concrete Tile.

Recommended Loveland Residential Tile Roofing Styles

We always work with the best vendors within today’s industry to bring you the best tile roofing system styles. For example, clay tiles are known for being able to hold color over long time periods and are looked upon with fondness for the rich earthy tones that you can get from the shades of orange and red. The glazing and unglazing techniques may also be used for enhancing the aesthetic value even more.


By the same token, the concrete tiles come in a wide range of shades and colors from the embedded dyes or pigments. They are also environmentally friendly and shaped from elements of the Earth to create small, large and flat barrel tiles that get baked in a kiln to take away any of the moisture and to add strength.

Concrete tiles are made from lime, sand, extruded Portland cement and water to bring about the “S” shape and the flat and barrel shapes. The pigments can also be embedded to bring about different designs and colors.

We work with the best vendors in the industry to deliver the best styles in Roof Shingles solutions.

Concrete Tile by:


Clay Tile by:

Claymex US Tile
Specialty/Salvaged Tile and Slate by:
The Roof Tile & Slate Company

Will Residential Tile Roofing Be Right for You?


While the popularity still has to catch on in Colorado, a roof that is tiled will bring about a touch of old country feeling to your house, giving a nice warm ambience to the outside. For further information on your exclusive solutions for tiled roofing, call the experts in our office at Bridan Roofing Loveland.

We feature a team of professionals with a great deal of experience who are always ready to give you a consultation and the advice you are looking for. It is our goal to be sure that you understand all of the pros and cons that come from different roofing systems styles prior to making your decision to hire us.

We are confident that you will see that our responsive and committed services will help you to hone in on the right roofing solution for your home. Whether you are in need of residential tile roofing or another kind, simply contact us to get a free consultation from Loveland’s best experts in residential tile roofing, Bridan Roofing Loveland.