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residential-roofing-contractor-loveland-coloradoWhen you are building your house, one of the hardest decisions that you have to make is deciding on the type of roof you want. There are many different designs and materials that are available for residential roofing. Bridan Roofing Loveland offers some of the finest services available for residential roofing. Our Loveland roofing contractors are trained to repair and replace all types of roofing systems.

Various Types Of Residential Roofing Products Used by Roofing Contractors

Asphalt Roofing

In many areas of the world asphalt shingles are among the most popular kinds of residential roofing styles. There is research that reports that asphalt roofing is installed on houses by 75% of Americans. The main reasons for this include simple and easy installation along with low cost. However, it does have a short lifespan of just 15 to 30 years. That results in some people hesitating to have this type of residential roofing installed on their homes.

Metal Roofing

Copper, aluminum and steel are very popular types of metal roofing. Not only does it provide your home with a unique style, but it also helps to keep the temperature low. It is well suited for ranch-style, cottage and bungalow houses. It is very environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. It has a very long lifespan of 50 years or so.

Tile Roofing

These tiles can be made out of concrete or clay. It is also a very energy-efficient style of roofing and its lifespan is quite similar to the one for metal roofing – which is nearly 50 years. Tiles offer your house one of the more aesthetic, elegant and stylish looks. Tile roofing is very common Mediterranean and European houses.


Wood Roofing

Wood-style roofing has a 30 to 50 year lifespan, and is preferred by many households. It tends to be installed in historic, ranch, cottage and bungalow home styles. However, wood roofing does have high maintenance requirements, and you may be faced with several different problems such as poor fire resistance, molding and rotting. However wood roofing is great when it comes to having a stylish appearance.

Low Slope Roofing

This is one of the best roofing systems that tends to be preferred in areas where it snows a great deal. There is a small slope to the roof so that it looks almost flat. A low slope roof will save energy costs because there is no empty space where air is sitting stagnant. Low slope roofing is also easier to install and repair both because of the materials used and because of the almost flat surface making it less dangerous to walk around on.

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Your decision about residential roofing contractors should also take sustainability into account. Consider the weather conditions in your area. Bridan Roofing Loveland not only provides repair and installation services for specific types of residential roofing, but consultant advice as well in terms of what would suit your house the best to meet your expectations, ideas and goals. Call our residential roofing contractors for a free estimate today! (970) 825-1175