Residential Wood Roofing Experts in Loveland

Types of Residential Wood Roofing in Loveland

wood-roofing-shingle-loveland-coloradoWhen it comes to Loveland residential wood roofing systems, there are two types available: cedar shakes and cedar shingles. Although the two types are similar in their nature, shakes have a lot more irregularities than shingles. Cedar shingles look uniform across a roof, because they are cut to have the same width and thickness. Cedar shakes can have different sizes and widths.

Fire Retardant Treated Residential Wood Roofing

If your building code calls for flame-resistant wood roofing materials, you’ll have to use fire retardant cedar shakes and shingles. This solution offers an excellent value for money, and it is mandatory in areas like Colorado, where there’s a high risk of wildfire. If you live in such an area and you want a reliable solution for your residential wood roofing, fire retardant treated wood shakes or shingles are among the best materials you can use. When searching for the best materials, always make sure you choose them in accordance with your required class for fire treatment. There are three such classes, so you need to make sure you pick the one that’s right for you.

Discover More Advantages of Wood Roofing Options

Wind Resistant Roof Coverings

Cedar shakes and shingles are among the most durable and resilient wood roofing materials you can possible find. Western Red Cedar has a natural flexibility that makes it withstand even the most severe weather conditions. This is why many homeowners and builders in Oregon, British Columbia, and Alaska choose it as their primary roofing solution. Colorado makes no exception, with its high winds and extremely rough weather. Expert tests show that cedar wood roofing materials are able to withstand winds up to 130mph!

Quality Roofing Insulation Value


As cedar has a natural high resilience to heat conductivity, also known as “R” rating, it helps keeping your house cooler during hot summer days, thus helping you save money on your energy bills. Moreover, cedar can offer effective protection against low temperatures, keeping your home warm during wintertime. By choosing a cedar wood roofing system, you can enjoy lower energy bills all year round. In addition, this roofing solution is fairly affordable.

Roofing System Longevity

Factory pressure impregnated treatment contributes to improving the longevity of a roofing solution. This treatment makes use of preservatives that offer solid protection against fungal decay. By choosing the appropriate treatment, you won’t have to worry about mold and mildew developments. These treatments are also effective against rot and warping. Your wood roofing can look like new for a very long time. In addition, it is going to have the same strength and effectiveness in keeping your home protected against the elements. Even the toughest weather conditions are a breeze, provided that you’ve chosen cedar wood shingles or shakes for your roofing system.

All residential roofing systems treatments come with material warranties from the treatment manufacturers, so you won’t have to fear they may deteriorate your roofing system. Just ask local manufacturers about all available options, in order to be able to make an informed choice. Bridan Roofing Loveland is available to help you choose the type of residential wood roofing that is right for you. Call for a free consultation today!